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Connect to our secured platform, which will allow us access to your computer. It supports SSL connection, which is 256-bit encrypted, so we make sure that we are the only people able to connect to your machine. Security is our number one priority.

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Once we are connected - your job is done. You can go and have a cup of coffee while waiting, go walk your dog, or anything else you do, that is not computer related. We will contact you if we need further information from you. Like Passwords, etc.

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After we are done working on your computer - we will contact you and let you know. So you can come back to a fully working computer, that is most probably even faster, than it was when you first got it. Our main priority is you and your complete satisfaction.

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How to know if your computer is infected?

Easy enough - if any of these images look familiar - you need Geek Me In

Blue Screen Of Death

Browser Hijacked

Fake Antivirus Programs

Slow Starting Times

Annoying Popups

Geek Me In is a really awesome company. They really have some of the nicest people working for them, and they really know how to get things done in a timely fashion. Some how I had downloaded a virus which ruined a lot of important files on my computer, and I couldn't get access to personal files I needed for school, so I called Geek Me In and they got it working quickly. Thanks to them I didn't have to beg for an extinction on my deadline, which I probably wouldn't get, saved me an F and lots of money too - I thought I'd have to get a new computer. Thanks guys!

Brittany Kreider



Yet Another Issue - A BHO And A Potentially Unwanted Program Installed On Your Computer, That Takes Over Your Browser.

Hi everyone! This is me again - Tony with Geek Me In.

In the midst of Memorial day - we discovered numerous cases of installing PUPs that contain a rootkit component to protect its files, registry keys and processes in a system. This component is used defend itself from removal by competing PUPs and automated PUP removal tools. We are going to consider two PUPs that utilize the same rootkit to protect its files and registry keys:
LinkeyDeals and KingTranslateMediaBar.
The LinkeyDeals extension looks as follows.

It modifies home page and search engine settings to ‘’ in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.
If we scan the system after LinkeyDeals installation with anti-rootkit tool GMER we can see the following modifications made by the rootkit.


Windows 7 Entered End Of Mainstream Support Stage - Will That Be The End Of It, Or Will It Keep On Living?

Hi guys,

This is Tony, with Geek Me In. Today we will discuss the end of support for Windows 7.

First things first - as of January 13th 2015 - the two currently most used iterations of Microsoft’s toweringly dominant desktop OS will officially be out of mainstream and extended support respectively. What does that mean for you?

Honestly - it means that Microsoft is really trying to push their new OS - Windows 8 and 8.1. And soon enough - Windows 10. Does that mean that you should switch as soon as possible? No.

Windows 7 was a huge joke when it first came out. People kept insisting on staying on windows xp - just because it was stable enough for the business people, and it was easy enough for everyone else.
Windows 7 did not bring huge changes to the UI of the OS. So in due time - after they fixed the huge amount of bugs that they had when it first came out - Windows 7 became a really great successor of Windows XP. It made driver installation easier, it made a lot of under the hood changes, without compromising on the UI. It was a lot more polished than XP, and yet - people were able to do a seamless switch from XP to 7. These were the glorious days of Windows and Microsoft.

Now, as glorious as they were - they came out with Windows 8. Why? Because it is all about the profit. A lot of people, and businesses, switched to windows 8. Not because they wanted, no. But because they were forced by all resellers of computers. Every store, including Microcenter, Frys Electronics and Best Buy, was forced to do their best to sell the windows 8 machines, and leave windows 7 in the past.

Then - all the issues surfaced. Bug after bug, blue screen after blue screen, networking issues, all kinds of small and big issues. Yet again - Microsoft released an Operating System, without almost any QA testing. They tested on us - the users. And we were unhappy. So they came out with Windows 8.1 - supposedly it is the OS that mixes Windows 7 and Windows 8. Yet another fail. After upgrading from 8 to 8.1 - the majority of the software installed on the machine has issues, has to be reinstalled, needs an IT guy, like me, to perform the upgrade.

So now, as a last try to make people buy Windows 8.1 - they are stopping the support of windows 7.

Is that a bad thing? No. Not really. As I always tell all my customers, who ask me if they should update their system with everything that Microsoft sends their way - If its not broken - don't fix it. The only thing, that will follow with this end of mainstream support, is that there will be no more windows updates. Which I recommend to avoid in general. They update drivers, and important parts of windows, which end in having a completely broken windows system. Why? Because of the whole "no testing before shipping" issue.

So what I will suggest - keep windows 7 for as long as you can, and if you ever decide to upgrade to a new OS - consider either Ubuntu or Chrome OS

Meanwhile, remember to keep your current system safe. If you still haven't - snatch avast! Pro Antivirus 2015, but if your current machine is infected - let us know or simply visit Geek Me In - Remote Virus And Malware Removal, and me, or one of our techs
will clean it up for you!


How to prevent getting infected with Malware on your computer? Follow our guideline for staying safe online!

There have been numerous questions by our customers at GeekMeIn about malware, and specifically - "How did I get infected?". There is one simple answer, or at least one factor that matters the most. The single biggest factor in preventing a malware infection on your PC is YOU!

Prevent Malware With Smart Online Behavior

You don't need expert knowledge or special training. You just need to avoid downloading and installing anything you do not understand or trust, no matter how tempting, from the following sources:

From a website: If you are unsure, leave the site and research the software you are being asked to install. If it is OK, you can always come back to site and install it. If it is not OK, you will avoid a malware headache. Nowadays Google Chrome has an integrated protection, which informs the user, that the website that they are trying to access is possibly infected. This helps a lot, by there are way too many malicious websites out there to block. Here is how it will look like (Please note, sometimes this shows up on legit websites, that are just showing advertisements from malicious publishers. If it is a website that you trust - click on "Continue Anyway", or contact the administrator of the website):

From e-mail: Do not trust anything associated with a spam e-mail. Approach e-mail from people you know with caution when the message contains links or attachments. If you are suspicious of what you are being asked to view or install, don't do it. Even if it is from a friend, relative or coworker. They do NOT know that they are infecting you, they do not even know that they sent you an email. If you notice that you are receiving malicious emails from someone - contact them and let them know they are infected, and they can call Geek Me In - Remote Malware Removal to have their computer cleaned up.

From physical media: Your friends, family, and associates may unknowingly give you a disc or flash drive with an infected file on it. Don't blindly accept these files; scan them with security software. If you are still unsure, do not accept the files. The viruses that infect USB disks are not that much, but they are indeed very tricky and done for a reason. That reason is - your computer WILL be infected and your passwords will most likely be shared with people around the world for malicious purposes. `

From a pop-up window: Some pop-up windows or boxes will attempt to corner you into downloading software or accepting a free "system scan" of some type. Often these pop-ups will employ scare tactics to make you believe you need what they are offering in order to be safe. Close the pop-up without clicking anything inside it (including the X in the corner). Close the window via Windows Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt-Delete). Whatever you do - do not click on anything on that website, even if it looks like it is coming from your computer.

From another piece of software: Some programs attempt to install malware as a part of their own installation process. When installing software, pay close attention to the message boxes before clicking Next, OK, or I Agree. Scan the user agreement for anything that suggests malware may be a part of the installation. If you are unsure, cancel the installation, check up on the program, and run the installation again if you determine it is safe. For example - Adobe flash player comes with programs, that are classified as PUP. If you are in a hurry and do not notice the "OPTIONAL OFFER" - you will end up having McAfee installed on your computer. And this is by far the worst antivirus program, that creates more issues for the computer.

From illegal file-sharing services: You're on your own if you enter this realm. There is little quality control in the world of illegal software, and it is easy for an attacker to name a piece of malware after a popular movie, album, or program to tempt you into downloading it. It takes one bad file, and your whole system can go down. Here is a little example on what a torrent actually is


Conduit Search - A virus, PUP, Malware, or just business plan gone deep into the gray area of the internet?

Hello everyone,

First of all - we would like to wish you a happy new year!

And here is a little information for Conduit . A lot of people consider Conduit search as a virus. Or at least as a potentially unwanted program. Why? Because the majority of the people that have it installed (and as last statistics say - over 200 million in the United States alone!!) have no idea that they have it.

And its not that bad of a program, if you are into toolbars and whatnot. I am, however, betting that it was not something that you guys wanted installed. It comes hidden in all programs - Java, Flash, etc. All the free software in CNET and - everything contains Conduit Search as an opt-in add-on installation.

What it does is - it changes your default pages to conduit search, it adds advertisements inline and all over the web pages that you go to. It downloads software in the background, most of which is malicious and malware. Over all - its best if it is not around.

Here is a little more information on Conduit, as a company:

Conduit is based in Ness Ziona, Israel with offices in New York City.[22] Currently, the company has over 400 employees. It was initially backed by $9.5 million from Benchmark Capital and Yozma Group, and is the second largest technology company in Israel with a valuation of approximately $1.4 billion. Other valuations have placed the company value as high as $2.5 billion. Conduit is the largest Internet company in Israel, with more than 260 million users. The founders have stated that they plan on keeping the headquarters in Israel as the company grows. It was named #24 on the Business Insider 2012 Digital 100. It is also part of so-called Download Valley, Israeli companies monetizing free software and downloads by bundling adware or otherwise altering users' systems.

What we see here, is that it is a VERY successful and profitable company. And it gives its software for free. So the way they make money is by utilizing the gray area of the internet. Things that are illegal, or at least should be, but are still not.

I was reading recently that conduit has changed, and they are no longer offering malware into their software. However, the amount of computers infected because of Conduit is not going down. It is rising. Which means that they will never give up on the sweet spot profit, and will always be a shady poor excuse of a toolbar.

Is your computer infected with conduit virus? We can help you, visit us at Geek Me In - Remote Virus Removal and schedule your remote virus removal appointment now!



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